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Who i am ? 

Myself it's Marie AKA, 27 years and 27 years spent in Montpellier, the city of the sun in the south of France.

I have a Master's degree in communication-marketing, which I realized alternately to acquire in addition to a diploma different professional experiences.

Ambitious, curious and full of joy of life, I set myself the challenge to realize the EWT project following my Master.

What is EWT ?

EWT is the Event World Tour, a huge project based on the concept of "One Event, One Country".

It's not just a "touristic" world tour, it's a project to allow me to work on all kinds of events (Festivals, shows, concerts, weddings, sports events, ..) around the world ..

My motivations and my goals


Many reasons pushed me towards this project which finally became obvious.

First, working around the world would allow me to significantly improve my english as well as gaining multiple professional experiences in an environment that makes me vibrate.

"Choose a job you love and you will not have to work

a single day of your life"






Finally, after 7 years of higher education, it gave me the desire to work on my own project.

A project that I had chosen, which corresponded, with the key, unforgettable moments.

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